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Characterization of the Dynamic Growth of the Nanobubble within the Confined Glass Nanopore

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posted on 2018-10-08, 00:00 authored by Yong-Xu Hu, Yi-Lun Ying, Rui Gao, Ru-Jia Yu, Yi-Tao Long
The evolution of the nanobubble from gas molecules in liquid phase is of fundamental interest. However, the lack of sensitive tools hinders the study of growth dynamic of the bubble at nanoscale. Here, we employed a confined glass nanopore to real-time monitor the dynamics behavior of a single nanobubble generated by the reaction between NaBH4 and H2O. By analyzing the characteristic ionic current signal, the formation time and growth time of a single nanobubble could be estimated as 200 and 21 ms, respectively. Further, the nanopore size has been altered to modulate the growth behavior of the nanobubble. The results demonstrate the capability of the nanopore for sensitively tracking the behavior of single nanobubbles in liquid phase, which provides a powerful method for further understanding nanobubble evolution.