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Characterization of Gelatin/Gellan Gum/Glycol Chitosan Ternary Hydrogel for Retinal Pigment Epithelial Tissue Reconstruction Materials

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posted on 01.09.2020, 13:36 authored by Min A. Rim, Joo Hee Choi, Ain Park, Jina Youn, Sumi Lee, Na Eun Kim, Jeong Eun Song, Gilson Khang
The cellular transplantation approach to treat damaged or diseased retina is limited because of poor survival, distribution, and integration of cells after implantation to the sub-retinal space. To overcome this, it is important to develop a cell delivery system. In this study, a ternary hydrogel of gelatin (Ge)/gellan gum (GG)/glycol chitosan (CS) is suggested as a cell carrier for retinal tissue engineering (TE). Physicochemical properties such as porosity, swelling, sol fraction, and weight loss were measured. The mechanical study was performed with compressive strength and viscosity to confirm applicability in retinal TE. An in vitro experiment was carried out by encapsulating ARPE-19 in the designed hydrogel to measure viability and expression of retinal pigment epithelium-specific proteins and genes. The results showed that the ternary hydrogel system improves the mechanical properties and stability of the composite. Cell growth, survival, adhesion, and migration were enhanced as the CS was incorporated into the matrix. In particular, real-time polymerase chain reaction analysis showed a markedly improved specific gene expression rate in the Ge/GG/CS. Therefore, it is expected that the ternary system suggested in this study can be used as a promising material for retinal TE.