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Characterization of FK506 Biosynthetic Intermediates Involved in Post-PKS Elaboration

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posted on 28.06.2013, 00:00 by Yeon Hee Ban, Pramod B. Shinde, Jae-yeon Hwang, Myoung-Chong Song, Dong Hwan Kim, Si-Kyu Lim, Jae Kyung Sohng, Yeo Joon Yoon
The post-PKS modification steps of FK506 biosynthesis include C9-oxidation and 31-O-methylation, but the sequence of these reactions and the exact route have remained unclear. This study details the post-PKS modification pathways in FK506 biosynthesis through the identification of all intermediates and in vitro enzymatic reactions of the cytochrome P450 hydroxylase FkbD and the methyltransferase FkbM. These results complete our understanding of post-PKS modification steps to FK506 showing the substrate flexibility of two enzymes involved and the existence of two parallel biosynthetic routes to FK506.