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Cerasoidine, a Bis-aporphine Alkaloid Isolated from Polyalthia cerasoides during Screening for Wnt Signal Inhibitors

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posted on 2016-08-04, 18:53 authored by Takumi Shono, Naoki Ishikawa, Kazufumi Toume, Midori A. Arai, Hyuma Masu, Takashi Koyano, Thaworn Kowithayakorn, Masami Ishibashi
A new bis-aporphine alkaloid, cerasoidine (1), was isolated from the root extract of Polyalthia cerasoides together with the known bis-aporphine bidebiline E (2) during screening for compounds with Wnt signal inhibitory activities. The structure of cerasoidine (1) was established by X-ray analysis and shown by chiral HPLC analyses and electronic circular dichroism to be a 57:43 mixture of R(−)- and S(+)-atropisomers. Bidebiline E (2) exhibited inhibition of transcriptional activity of TCF/β-catenin with an IC50 value of 20.2 μM and was also found to inhibit Wnt signaling by decreasing nuclear β-catenin.