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Cell Interaction Microarray for Blood Phenotyping

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posted on 15.03.2006, 00:00 by Colin J. Campbell, Nichola O'Looney, Marisa Chong Kwan, Janine S. Robb, Alan J. Ross, John S. Beattie, Juraj Petrik, Peter Ghazal
Microarrays promise great advances in areas of diagnostic testing where there is a need to perform multiple assays in parallel. In the short term, protein microarrays have a greater potential to impact diagnostics than DNA arrays due to their potential for direct sample measurements. Here, we report an antibody microarray technique for selectively recognizing glycan and peptide motifs on the surface of red blood cells. We present results demonstrating the optimization and efficacy of the microarray approach as a highly sensitive and specific microscale multiplex assay for blood typing. We also show that our microarray can be used to screen red blood cell surface antigens using whole blood in a label-free detection mode. Finally, our results indicate this method has potential for broader applications in biochip medicine.