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Catalytic Nazarov Reaction of Aryl Vinyl Ketones via Binary Acid Strategy

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posted on 2013-01-18, 00:00 authored by Zhi-Guo Xi, Lihui Zhu, Sanzhong Luo, Jin-Pei Cheng
We describe herein a viable binary acid strategy for the catalytic Nazarov reaction of aryl vinyl ketones. Simply combining a Lewis acid and a Brønsted acid led to a dramatic enhancement of the catalytic activity in the Nazarov reaction of aryl vinyl β-ketoesters. The obtained optimal binary acid catalyst In­(OTf)3/diphenyl phosphoric acid (DPP) can be applied to a range of aryl vinyl ketones with good activity. A trend of reactivity has also been summarized on the basis of mapping of the substituents.