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Catalytic Enantio- and Diastereoselective Cyclopropanation of 2‑Azadienes for the Synthesis of Aminocyclopropanes Bearing Quaternary Carbon Stereogenic Centers

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posted on 2019-08-29, 19:03 authored by Xinxin Shao, Steven J. Malcolmson
We report the catalytic enantio- and diastereoselective preparation of aminocyclopropanes by the cyclopropanation of terminal and (Z)-internal 2-azadienes with donor/acceptor carbenes derived from α-diazoesters. The resulting cyclopropanes bear quaternary carbon stereogenic centers vicinal to the amino-substituted carbon and are formed as a single diastereomer in up to 99:1 er and 97% yield with 0.5 mol % of Rh2(DOSP)4 and only 1.5 equiv of the diazo reagent. Transformations with internal azadienes afford cyclopropanes with three contiguous stereogenic centers.