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Cascade Phosphinoylation/Cyclization/Isomerization Process for the Synthesis of 2‑Phosphinoyl‑9H‑pyrrolo[1,2‑a]indoles

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posted on 2016-10-25, 12:49 authored by Su Chen, Pengbo Zhang, Wanyun Shu, Yuzhen Gao, Guo Tang, Yufen Zhao
Pyrrolo­[1,2-a]­indole is a common structural motif found in many natural products and pharmaceuticals. A silver-mediated oxidative phosphinoylation of N-propargyl-substituted indoles was used to construct a variety of 2-phosphinoyl-9H-pyrrolo­[1,2-a]­indoles under mild conditions. This transformation offers a straightforward route to the formation of the C–P bond, cyclization, and isomerization in one step.