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Carbonyl Iron Powder: A Reagent for Nitro Group Reductions under Aqueous Micellar Catalysis Conditions

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posted on 05.12.2017, 18:50 by Nicholas R. Lee, Agata A. Bikovtseva, Margery Cortes-Clerget, Fabrice Gallou, Bruce H. Lipshutz
An especially mild, safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible reduction of aromatic and heteroaromatic nitro-group-containing educts is reported that utilizes very inexpensive carbonyl iron powder (CIP), a highly active commercial grade of iron powder. These reductions are conducted in the presence of nanomicelles composed of TPGS-750-M in water, a recyclable aqueous micellar reaction medium. This new technology also shows broad scope and scalability and presents opportunities for multistep one-pot sequences involving this reducing agent.