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C–H···π Interaction Induced Formation of Microtubes with Enhanced Emission

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posted on 2012-03-07, 00:00 authored by Cuiping Zhao, Zhongliang Wang, Yinlong Yang, Chao Feng, Wei Li, Yanan Li, Yuping Zhang, Feng Bao, Yuliang Xing, Xiujuan Zhang, Xiaohong Zhang
High luminescent bis­(salicylaldehyde)o-phenylenediimine­(salophen) microtubes with rectangular cross sections were successfully synthesized by a self-assembly method. Accompanied by the formation of microtubes, a remarkable enhanced emission was observed. Crystal structure analysis and theoretical studies were both investigated in detail. It was found that a conformation change induced by multiple C–H···π interactions between adjacent molecules was responsible for the formation of microtubes. The edge-to-face C–H···π interactions also resulted in molecular structural rigidification, which made salophen a stronger emitter in microtubes.