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C–H Amidation and Amination of Arenes and Heteroarenes with Amide and Amine using Cu-MnO as a Reusable Catalyst under Mild Conditions

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posted on 01.02.2021, 17:03 by Harshvardhan Singh, Chiranjit Sen, Eringathodi Suresh, Asit B. Panda, Subhash C. Ghosh
An atom-economical and efficient route for the direct amidation and amination of aryl C–H bonds using our synthesized recyclable heterogeneous Cu-MnO catalyst is reported here. The direct C–H amidation was carried out using a simple amide without any preactivated coupling partner, and simple air was used as the sole oxidant. The reaction proceeds very smoothly with a broad range of substrates containing numerous functional groups in very good to excellent yields. Direct C–H aminations with a secondary amine were carried out under base-, ligand-, and external oxidant-free conditions in very good to excellent yields in very mild conditions. Both the amidation and amination can be scaled up on a gram scale with similar yields. The major advantage is that our catalyst is recyclable and reused several times without any significant loss of reactivity.