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CPPred-RF: A Sequence-based Predictor for Identifying Cell-Penetrating Peptides and Their Uptake Efficiency

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journal contribution
posted on 24.04.2017, 00:00 by Leyi Wei, PengWei Xing, Ran Su, Gaotao Shi, Zhanshan Sam Ma, Quan Zou
Cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs), have been proven as important drug-delivery vehicles, demonstrating the potential as therapeutic candidates. The past decade has witnessed a rapid growth in CPP-based research. Recently, many computational efforts have been made to develop machine-learning-based methods for identifying CPPs. Although much progress has been made, existing methods still suffer low feature representation capability that limits further performance improvement. In this study, we propose a novel predictor called CPPred-RF, in which we integrate multiple sequence-based feature descriptors to sufficiently explore distinct information embedded in CPPs, employ a well-established feature selection technique to improve the feature representation, and, for the first time, construct a two-layer prediction framework based on the random forest algorithm. The jackknife results on benchmark data sets show that the proposed CPPred-RF is at least competitive with the state-of-the-art predictors. Moreover, we establish the first online Web server in terms of predicting CPPs and their uptake efficiency simultaneously. It is freely available at