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Building Nanoporous Metal–Organic Frameworks “Armor” on Fibers for High-Performance Composite Materials

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posted on 2017-01-19, 00:00 authored by Xiaobin Yang, Xu Jiang, Yudong Huang, Zhanhu Guo, Lu Shao
The nanoporous metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) “armor” is in situ intergrown onto the surfaces of carbon fibers (CFs) by nitric acid oxidization to supply nucleation sites and serves as a novel interfacial linker between the fiber and polymer matrix and a smart cushion to release interior and exterior applied forces. Simultaneous enhancements of the interfacial and interlaminar shear strength as well as the tensile strength of CFs were achieved. With the aid of an ultrasonic “cleaning” process, the optimized surface energy and tensile strength of CFs with a MOF “armor” are 83.79 mN m–1 and 5.09 GPa, for an increase of 102% and 11.6%, respectively. Our work finds that the template-induced nucleation of 3D MOF onto 1D fibers is a general and promising approach toward advanced composite materials for diverse applications to meet scientific and technical demands.