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Broadly Neutralizing Synthetic Cannabinoid Vaccines

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posted on 15.12.2020, 14:40 by Mingliang Lin, Jinny Claire Lee, Steven Blake, Beverly Ellis, Lisa M. Eubanks, Kim D. Janda
Synthetic cannabinoids (SCs) constitute a significant portion of psychoactive substances forming a major public health risk. Due to the wide variety of SCs, broadly neutralizing antibodies generated by active immunization present an intriguing pathway to combat cannabinoid use disorder. Here, we probed hapten design for antibody affinity and cross reactivity against two classes of SCs. Of the 10 haptens screened, 3 vaccine groups revealed submicromolar IC50, each targeting 5–6 compounds in our panel of 22 drugs. Moreover, SCs were successfully sequestered when administered by vaping or intraperitoneal injection, which was confirmed within animal models by observing locomotion, body temperature, and pharmacokinetics. We also discovered synergistic effects to simultaneously blunt two drug classes through an admixture vaccine approach. Collectively, our study provides a comprehensive foundation for the development of vaccines against SCs.