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Broadband Optical Absorber Based on Nanopatterned Metallic Glass Thin Films

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posted on 27.09.2019, 11:34 by Hao Jia, Cheng Jiang, Qingjun Wu, Shumin Yang, Hao Wang, Liansheng Wang, Jun Zhao, Renzhong Tai, Hans-Jörg Fecht, Qingping Cao, Xiaodong Wang, Dongxian Zhang, Jian-Zhong Jiang
Applications of metallic glass thin films (MGTFs) in the optical area have seldom been reported. We successfully design and fabricate a broadband and durable absorber with MGTFs. It is found that the absorber, with a total thickness of only ∼230 nm smaller than the light wavelength, exhibits excellent performance, that is, an average absorption of >90% from the visible to the near-infrared range (500–1300 nm). This is of significance for the optical application of MGTFs with the potential for large-scale fabrication using superplastic deformation in the supercooled liquid region of MGTFs.