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Bridged to Fused Ring Interchange. Methodology for the Construction of Fused Cycloheptanes and Cyclooctanes. Total Syntheses of Ledol, Ledene, and Compressanolide

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posted on 18.10.1996, 00:00 by S. L. Gwaltney, S. T. Sakata, K. J. Shea
The type two intramolecular Diels−Alder reaction (T2IMDA) is an efficient method for the formation of medium rings. The methodology is particularly effective for the construction of seven- and eight-membered rings. A strategy for the synthesis of functionalized cycloheptanes and cyclooctanes has been developed that involves a bridged to fused ring interchange. The T2IMDA provides a synthesis for rigid bridged bicyclic molecules that can be stereoselectively elaborated before ozonolysis of the bridgehead double bond. Following oxidative cleavage, aldol condensation provides fused bicyclic ring systems that otherwise are difficult to synthesize. This methodology is amenable to the synthesis of terpene natural products. This is demonstrated here through total syntheses of (±)-ledol and (±)-ledene and a formal synthesis of (±)-compressanolide.