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Bottom-up Approach toward Single-Crystalline VO2‑Graphene Ribbons as Cathodes for Ultrafast Lithium Storage

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posted on 2016-02-19, 12:28 authored by Shubin Yang, Yongji Gong, Zheng Liu, Liang Zhan, Daniel P. Hashim, Lulu Ma, Robert Vajtai, Pulickel M. Ajayan
Although lithium ion batteries have gained commercial success owing to their high energy density, they lack suitable electrodes capable of rapid charging and discharging to enable a high power density critical for broad applications. Here, we demonstrate a simple bottom-up approach toward single crystalline vanadium oxide (VO2) ribbons with graphene layers. The unique structure of VO2-graphene ribbons thus provides the right combination of electrode properties and could enable the design of high-power lithium ion batteries. As a consequence, a high reversible capacity and ultrafast charging and discharging capability is achieved with these ribbons as cathodes for lithium storage. A full charge or discharge is capable in 20 s. More remarkably, the resulting electrodes retain more than 90% of the initial capacity after cycling more than 1000 times at an ultrahigh rate of 190C, providing the best reported rate performance for cathodes in lithium ion batteries to date.