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Both Dielectrics and Conductance Anomalies in an Open-Framework Cobalt Phosphate

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posted on 02.11.2017, 16:04 by Hong-Bin Luo, Mei Wang, Shao-Xian Liu, Wen-Long Liu, Yang Zou, Zheng-Fang Tian, Xiao-Ming Ren
Switchable conducting or dielectric materials, as the key component, show important technological applications in modern electrical and electronic devices, including data communication, phase shifters, varactors, and rewritable optical data storage. To explore new types of switchable conducting or dielectric materials could significantly accelerate the development of efficient electrical and electronic devices. Herein we present the first example of switchable conducting and dielectric material, which is based on an open-framework phosphate, (C2N2H10)0.5CoPO4. A reversible isostructural phase transition occurs at ∼348 K in this open-framework phosphate, to give both dielectrics and conductance anomaly around the critical temperature of phase transition. This study will provide a roadmap for searching new switchable conducting or dielectric materials as well as new applications of open-framework phosphates.