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Bosonic Delocalization of Dipolar Moiré Excitons

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posted on 2023-05-15, 14:19 authored by Samuel Brem, Ermin Malic
In superlattices of twisted semiconductor monolayers, tunable moiré potentials emerge, trapping excitons into periodic arrays. In particular, spatially separated interlayer excitons are subject to a deep potential landscape and they exhibit a permanent dipole providing a unique opportunity to study interacting bosonic lattices. Recent experiments have demonstrated density-dependent transport properties of moiré excitons, which could play a key role for technological applications. However, the intriguing interplay between exciton–exciton interactions and moiré trapping has not been well understood yet. In this work, we develop a microscopic theory of interacting excitons in external potentials allowing us to tackle this highly challenging problem. We find that interactions between moiré excitons lead to a delocalization at intermediate densities, and we show how this transition can be tuned via twist angle and temperature. The delocalization is accompanied by a modification of optical moiré resonances, which gradually merge into a single free exciton peak.