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Boric Acid Induced Transient Cross-Links in Lactose-Modified Chitosan (Chitlac)

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posted on 17.10.2017, 00:00 by Pasquale Sacco, Franco Furlani, Michela Cok, Andrea Travan, Massimiliano Borgogna, Eleonora Marsich, Sergio Paoletti, Ivan Donati
The present paper explores the effect of boric acid on Chitlac, a lactose-modified chitosan which had previously shown interesting biological and physical-chemical features. The herewith-reported experimental evidences demonstrated that boric acid binds to Chitlac, producing conformational and association effects on the chitosan derivative. The thermodynamics of boric acid binding to Chitlac was explored by means of 11B NMR, circular dichroism (CD), and UV–vis spectroscopy, while macromolecular effects were investigated by means of viscometry and dynamic light scattering (DLS). The experimental results revealed a chain–chain association when limited amounts of boric acid were added to Chitlac. However, upon exceeding a critical boric acid limit dependent on the polysaccharide concentration, the soluble aggregates disentangle. The rheological behavior of Chitlac upon treatment with boric acid was explored showing a dilatant behavior in conditions of steady flow. An uncommonly high dependence in the scaling law between the zero-shear viscosity and the concentration of Chitlac was found, i.e., η0CCTL5.8, pointing to interesting potential implications of the present system in biomaterials development.