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Boosting Light–Matter Interaction in a Longitudinal Bonding Dipole Plasmon Hybrid Anapole System

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posted on 2023-02-13, 20:14 authored by Ze Li, Qingzhang You, Jin Li, Chengjun Zhu, Lisheng Zhang, Longkun Yang, Yan Fang, Peijie Wang
Achieving strong electromagnetic enhancement is critical for realizing strong light–matter coupling at the nanoscale. In this study, we constructed a hybrid anapole system composed of a nanohole silicon disk and a longitudinal bonding dipole plasmon mode-supported plasmonic dimer. Compared with the bare dimer plasmon, the hybrid system shows strong plasmonic resonance tuning ability, and its resonance peak can be tuned to the near-infrared region only by adjusting the radius of the silicon disk. Meanwhile, the E-field enhancement in the gap region can exceed four orders of magnitude without sacrificing the quality factor of the system. Furthermore, it is demonstrated that the emitter’s radiative decay rate enhancement in the hybrid system is much higher than that of a similar LBDP mode-supported plasmonic dimer nanodisk and the reported plasmonic nanocavity. In summary, our hybrid anapole systems combine the advantages of metal plasmonic nanodimers and conventional anapole mode-supported systems and avoid their disadvantages. This study provides a useful reference for the further exploration of single-photon emission sources, light harvesting, and other quantum nanophotonic applications.