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Boosting Capacitive Sodium-Ion Storage in Electrochemically Exfoliated Graphite for Sodium-Ion Capacitors

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posted on 2020-11-13, 10:14 authored by Ting Huang, Zaichun Liu, Feng Yu, Faxing Wang, Dongqi Li, Lijun Fu, Yuhui Chen, Hongxia Wang, Qingji Xie, Shouzhuo Yao, Yuping Wu
Sodium (Na)-ion capacitors possess higher energy density than supercapacitors and higher power density than Na-ion batteries. However, kinetic mismatches between fast capacitive charge storage on the cathode and sluggish battery-type reactions on the anode lead to a poor charge/discharge rate capability and insufficient power output of Na-ion capacitors. Thus, developing suitable anode materials for Na-ion capacitors is urgently desirable. This work demonstrates an electrochemically exfoliated graphite (EEG) anode with enhanced capacitive charge storage, greatly boosting the Na-ion reaction kinetics of co-intercalation. The EEG anode shows a high reversible capacity of 109 mAh g–1 and maintains a good capacity retention of 90% after 1000 cycles. The assembled Na-ion capacitor using the EEG anode can finish the charge/discharge process in less than 10 s, which achieves an ultrahigh power density of 17,500 W kg–1 with an energy density of 17 Wh kg–1. The high capacitive contributions at both the anode and cathode contribute to the fast rate capability and high power output of the fabricated Na-ion capacitors. This work will promote the development of ultrafast charging sodium-ion storage devices.