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Boosted Reactivity of Low-Cost Solar Cells over a CuO/Co3O4 Interfacial Structure Integrated with Graphene Oxide

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posted on 2020-05-04, 11:33 authored by Wei Liao, Yuan Gao, Wen Wang, Xueqin Zuo, Qun Yang, Yunxiang Lin, Huaibao Tang, Shaowei Jin, Guang Li
Developing cost-effective and environmentally friendly counter electrodes (CEs) with high performance is central for the commercial application of dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). In this work, the porous interfacial CuO/Co3O4@GO (CCO@GO) hybrid was fabricated by encapsulating the self-assembled CuO/Co3O4 nanosphere in graphene oxide (GO) and acted as a CE for the first time. Further measurements verified that the optimized CCO@GO hybrid not only provided a higher specific surface area (86.7 m2 g–1) with more exposed catalytic sites but also significantly enhanced the power conversion efficiency (PCE = 8.34%) of DSSC, which was higher than those of the Co3O4-based CE (2.66%) and commercial Pt CE (7.85%). The results indicate that the interfacial CuO/Co3O4@GO hybrid synergistically accelerates the diffusion of a I3/I redox couple and transmission of electrons, thus promoting the reaction kinetics. This work provides a remarkable way for exploring economical high-performance Pt-free CEs for DSSCs as well as contributes to their further development for other energy-related fields.