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Bis(bismuth)toluene Inverted-Sandwich Complex Supported by Aminetris(phenoxide) Ligands

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posted on 2006-08-07, 00:00 authored by Luke E. Turner, Matthew G. Davidson, Matthew D. Jones, Holger Ott, Verena S. Schulz, Paul J. Wilson
The reaction of bismuth amides or alkoxides with phenolic ligand precursors yields Bi complexes of aminetris(phenoxide)s, one of which was characterized by X-ray crystallography, revealing monomeric Bi units of the tetradentate NO3 ligand further associated via a symmetrical toluene bridge into a bis(bismuth)toluene inverted-sandwich complex. Synthesis of the analogous Sb complex suggests a markedly different geometric and electronic environment at the metal center, as evidenced by the solid-state molecular structure. Density functional theory calculations of the sandwich bismuth arene complex indicate the presence of a weak σ*−2π interaction.