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Birch-Type Reduction of Arenes in 2‑Propanol Catalyzed by Zero-Valent Iron and Platinum on Carbon

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posted on 02.07.2019, 14:42 by Yoshinari Sawama, Kazuho Ban, Kazuhiro Akutsu-Suyama, Hiroki Nakata, Misato Mori, Tsuyoshi Yamada, Takahiro Kawajiri, Naoki Yasukawa, Kwihwan Park, Yasunari Monguchi, Yukio Takagi, Masatoshi Yoshimura, Hironao Sajiki
Catalytic arene reduction was effectively realized by heating in 2-propanol/water in the presence of Pt on carbon (Pt/C) and metallic Fe. 2-Propanol acted as a hydrogen source, obviating the need for flammable (and hence, dangerous and hard-to-handle) hydrogen gas, while metallic Fe acted as an essential co-catalyst to promote reduction. The chemical states of Pt and Fe in the reaction mixture were determined by X-ray absorption near-edge structure analysis, and the obtained results were used to suggest a plausible reaction mechanism, implying that catalytic reduction involved Pt- and Fe-mediated single-electron transfer and the dehydrogenation of 2-propanol.