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Biomimetic and Hydrophilic Vitamin B5 Analogous Methacrylamide Polymers Prevent Surface Fouling

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posted on 2022-01-03, 19:42 authored by Diego Combita, Nauman Nazeer, Adnan Murad Bhayo, Marya Ahmed
This study reports the synthesis of well-defined polymers of vitamin B5 analogous methacrylamide (poly­(B5AMA)) using the reversible addition fragmentation chain transfer polymerization method. The prepared telechelic poly­(B5AMA) with a predicted molecular weight and narrow polydispersities are grafted onto silanized glass surfaces using a “grafting to” approach. The polymer-treated samples are characterized for the water contact angle and surface roughness properties, as a function of polymer size and density of the polymers grafted onto the glass slides. The antifouling behavior of poly­(B5AMA)-grafted glass slides is then studied and compared with that of PEGylated glass slides, upon treatment with a variety of proteins and bacteria. The functionalized surfaces exhibit remarkable antifouling properties that are found to be dependent on both the density and the molecular weight of the grafted polymers.