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Biomimetic Kinetic Resolution: Highly Enantio- and Diastereoselective Transfer Hydrogenation of Aglain Ketones To Access Flavagline Natural Products

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posted on 22.12.2015, 22:33 by Steven D. Stone, Neil J. Lajkiewicz, Luke Whitesell, Ahmed Hilmy, John A. Porco
We have previously reported asymmetric syntheses and absolute configuration assignments of the aglains (+)-ponapensin and (+)-elliptifoline and proposed a biosynthetic kinetic resolution process to produce enantiomeric rocaglamides and aglains. Herein, we report a biomimetic approach for the synthesis of enantiomerically enriched aglains and rocaglamides via kinetic resolution of a bridged ketone utilizing enantio­selective transfer hydrogenation. The methodology has been employed to synthesize and confirm the absolute stereochemistries of the pyrimidone rocaglamides (+)-aglaiastatin and (−)-aglaroxin C. Additionally, the enantiomers and racemate of each metabolite were assayed for inhibition of the heat-shock response, cytotoxicity, and translation inhibition.