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Biomimetic Gelatin Methacrylate/Nano Fish Bone Hybrid Hydrogel for Bone Regeneration via Osteoimmunomodulation

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posted on 2020-05-21, 15:40 authored by Liping Huang, Jianhua Zhang, Junfei Hu, Tianbao Zhao, Zhipeng Gu
The consideration of osteoimmunomodulatory activity is crucial to determine the in vivo fate of the bone biomaterials. Herein, we proposed a biomimetic gelatin methacrylate/nano fish bone hybrid hydrogel to systematically investigate its potential for bone regeneration. The results showed that nano fish bone incorporation could not only enhance the mechanical performance of hybrid hydrogel but also modulate the immune microenvironment to further promote bone regeneration. This nano fish bone-based hybrid hydrogel would provide a promising option for developing advanced bone biomaterials with osteoimmunomodulatory activities.