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Biomimetic Creation of Hierarchical Surface Structures by Combining Colloidal Self-Assembly and Au Sputter Deposition

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posted on 07.11.2006, 00:00 by Yonghao Xiu, Lingbo Zhu, Dennis W. Hess, C. P. Wong
Surfaces of hexagonally packed silica spheres have been functionalized with silanes containing different hydrocarbon or fluorocarbon chains. The resulting chemical and physical structures were studied to establish the effect of surface hydrophobicity on the measured contact angles on the rough surfaces. The results were used to assess the effects of surface modifications on the parameters in the Cassie equation. To achieve superhydrophobicity via a biomimetic approach, we created two-scale structures by first forming hexagonally packed SiO2 spheres, followed by Au deposition on the spheres and heat treatment to form Au nanoparticles on sphere surfaces. Contact angles over 160° were achieved. This work provides improved understanding of the effect of the surface roughness and solid surface fraction on superhydrophobicity.