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Bioinspired Synergy Sensor Chip of Photonic Crystals-Graphene Oxide for Multiamines Recognition

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posted on 18.05.2018, 00:00 by Wanjie Ren, Meng Qin, Xiaotian Hu, Fengyu Li, Yuanfeng Wang, Yu Huang, Meng Su, Wenbo Li, Xin Qian, Kang-lai Tang, Yanlin Song
Benefiting from the integrated functions of cilia and glomeruli in the olfactory system, animals can discriminate various odors even in hostile environments. Inspired by this synergetic system of response and signal processing units, a sensor chip of graphene oxide (GO) and photonic crystals (PCs) is fabricated. The GO aerogel functions like the olfactory cilia, which effectively captures the analytes and generates abundant sensing signals for recognition; and the PCs act as the olfactory glomeruli, whose periodic structure enables selective enhancement of the fluorescent signals to realize further signal processing. Ten biogenic amines and seven drug amines are effectively discriminated. The integrated sensor strategy of response and signal manipulation units will promote enormous pursuits of rapid clinical diagnosis or intractable pathology analysis.