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Bioinspired Pretextured Reduced Graphene Oxide Patterns with Multiscale Topographies for High-Performance Mechanosensors

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posted on 2019-05-01, 00:00 authored by Fuxing Yin, Jinzheng Yang, Puguang Ji, Huifen Peng, Yanting Tang, Wenjing Yuan
Highly sensitive mechanical sensing is vital for the emerging field of skin mimicry and wearable healthcare systems. To date, it remains a big challenge to fabricate mechanosensors with both high sensitivity and a wide sensing range. In nature, slit sensilla are crack-shaped sensory organs of arachnids, which are highly sensitive to tiny external mechanical stimuli. Here, inspired by the geometry of slit sensilla, a concept is developed that pretextures reduced graphene oxide (RGO) nanocoating into multiscale topographies with agminated crumples and interlaced cracks (crumpled & cracked RGO) through an efficient and scalable mechanically driven process. Both the sensitivity and the workable range can be facilely tuned by adjusting the crack density. The resulting mechanosensor exhibits a comprehensive superior performance including high sensitivity (a gauge factor of 205 to 3256), a wide and tunable sensing range (from 0–40 to 0–180%), long-term stability (over 5000 cycles), and multiple sensing functions. Based on its excellent performances, the mechanosensor can be used as a wearable electronic to in situ monitor subtle physiological signals and vigorous body actions. The rationally designed crumpled & cracked RGO provides a promising platform for artificial electronic skin and portable healthcare systems.