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Bioactive Nanofibers:  Synergistic Effects of Nanotopography and Chemical Signaling on Cell Guidance

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posted on 2020-04-03, 17:46 authored by Shyam Patel, Kyle Kurpinski, Ryan Quigley, Hongfeng Gao, Benjamin S. Hsiao, Mu-Ming Poo, Song Li
Biodegradable nanofibers have tremendous potential for tissue repair. However, the combined effects of nanofiber organization and immobilized bioactive factors on cell guidance are not well understood. In this study, we developed aligned and bioactive nanofibrous scaffolds by immobilizing extracellular matrix protein and growth factor onto nanofibers, which simulated the physical and biochemical properties of native matrix fibrils. The aligned nanofibers significantly induced neurite outgrowth and enhanced skin cell migration during wound healing compared to randomly oriented nanofibers. Furthermore, the immobilized biochemical factors (as efficient as soluble factors) synergized with aligned nanofibers to promote highly efficient neurite outgrowth but had less effect on skin cell migration. This study shed light on the relative importance of nanotopography and chemical signaling in the guidance of different cell behavior.