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Bioactive Hybrid Organogels Based on Miniemulsion Synthesis of Morphologically Complex Polymer/Surfactant/Calcium Phosphate Nanostructures

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posted on 28.10.2014, 00:00 by Khrongkhwan Akkarachaneeyakorn, Mei Li, Joe Harris, Sean A. Davis, Stephen Mann
Morphologically complex amorphous calcium phosphate nanostructures are synthesized within supersaturated water-in-oil miniemulsions stabilized by a mixture of a calcium bis­(2-ethylhexyl)­phosphate (Ca­(DEHP)2) surfactant and poly­(ethylene oxide)19-poly­(propylene oxide)69-poly­(ethylene oxide)19 (P123) triblock copolymer. Solvent evaporation at room temperature results in self-supporting viscous organogels comprising an interconnected network of calcium phosphate nanofilaments embedded within a continuous polymer/surfactant matrix. The P123/DEHP/calcium phosphate organogels are employed as a bioactive filler for the occlusion of exposed dentine tubules using a standard bovine tooth model.