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Bimetallic Zirconium Amine Bis(phenolate) Polymerization Catalysts: Enhanced Activity and Tacticity Control for Polyolefin Synthesis

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posted on 17.12.2015, 03:11 by Madalyn R. Radlauer, Theodor Agapie
Binucleating multidentate amine bis­(phenolate) ligands with rigid terphenyl backbones were designed to support two zirconium centers locked in close proximity. Polymerizations of propylene or 1-hexene with the synthesized bimetallic precatalysts resulted in polymers with significantly higher isotacticity (up to 79% mmmm) in comparison to the stereoirregular polymers produced with previously reported Cs-symmetric monometallic analogues. The bimetallic precatalysts also display higher activity (up to 124 kg of poly­(1-hexene) (mmol of Zr)−1 h–1), in comparison to the monometallic analogues, and among the highest activities reported for nonmetallocene catalysts. The stereocontrol is consistent with a bimetallic mechanism involving remote steric interactions with the ligand sphere of the second metal center.