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Bifunctional Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquid Decorated UiO-67 Type MOF for Selective CO2 Adsorption and Catalytic Property for CO2 Cycloaddition with Epoxides

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posted on 09.02.2017, 18:53 by Luo-Gang Ding, Bing-Jian Yao, Wei-Ling Jiang, Jiang-Tao Li, Qi-Juan Fu, Yan-An Li, Zhen-Hua Liu, Jian-Ping Ma, Yu-Bin Dong
A bifunctional robust and highly porous imidazolium-based ionic liquid decorated UiO-67 type MOF (UiO-67-IL, 1) was successfully constructed via solvothermal assembly of the imidazolium-based ligand and Zr­(IV) ions. It exhibits a highly selective adsorption for CO2 over CH4 and N2. Furthermore, 1 herein can be used as a highly active heterogeneous catalyst for CO2 cycloaddition with epoxides under atmospheric pressure with or without cocatalyst TBAB (n-Bu4NBr).