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Bent Ladder-Type Hexaphenylene with Carbazole Core and Spiro Linkage as Stable and Efficient Blue Emitter

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posted on 17.09.2009, 00:00 by Zuoquan Jiang, Haiqing Yao, Zhongyin Liu, Chuluo Yang, Cheng Zhong, Jingui Qin, Gui Yu, Yunqi Liu
A bent ladder-type hexaphenylene with a carbazole core and spiro-linkage is designed and synthesized by using the ortho-linked spirobifluorene. The design eliminates the possibility of forming a positional isomer. As a blue-emitter, the BLHPC shows good thermal and color stability. A simple light-emitting device fabricated from BLHPC exhibits a maximum current efficiency of 1.46 cd/A and a maximum luminance of 505 cd/m2.