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Below Band Gap Formation of Solvated Electrons in Neutral Water Clusters?

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posted on 2020-09-18, 22:15 authored by Loren Ban, Christopher W. West, Egor Chasovskikh, Thomas E. Gartmann, Bruce L. Yoder, Ruth Signorell
Below band gap formation of solvated electrons in neutral water clusters using pump–probe photoelectron imaging is compared with recent data for liquid water and with above band gap excitation studies in liquid and clusters. Similar relaxation times on the order of 200 fs and 1–2 ps are retrieved for below and above band gap excitation, in both clusters and liquid. The independence of the relaxation times from the generation process indicates that these times are dominated by the solvent response, which is significantly slower than the various solvated electron formation processes. The analysis of the temporal evolution of the vertical electron binding energy and the electron binding energy at half-maximum suggests a dependence of the solvation time on the binding energy.