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Belamchinanes A–D from Belamcanda chinensis: Triterpenoids with an Unprecedented Carbon Skeleton and Their Activity against Age-Related Renal Fibrosis

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posted on 2018-08-28, 17:50 authored by Ying-Ying Song, Jin-Hua Miao, Fu-Ying Qin, Yong-Ming Yan, Jing Yang, Da-Peng Qin, Fan-Fan Hou, Li-Li Zhou, Yong-Xian Cheng
Belamchinanes A–D (14), four triterpenoids with an unprecedented skeleton, were isolated from the seeds of Belamcanda chinensis and fully characterized. The structures of belamchinanes feature a 4/6/6/6/5 polycyclic system in which a four-membered carbocyclic ring bridges the C-1 and C-11 positions of a classical triterpenoid framework. A plausible pathway for the biosynthesis of 14 is proposed. Biological studies reveal that 14 dose-dependently protect age-related renal fibrosis in vitro.