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Batzelladines F−I, Novel Alkaloids from the Sponge Batzella sp.:  Inducers of p56lck-CD4 Dissociation

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posted on 21.03.1997, 00:00 authored by Ashok D. Patil, Alan J. Freyer, Paul B. Taylor, Brad Carté,, Gary Zuber, Randall K. Johnson, D. John Faulkner
The sponge Batzella sp. from Jamaica contains four new alkaloids, batzelladines F−I (1-4), that induce the p56lck−CD4 dissociation. Batzelladines F−I were isolated using a bioassay-directed fractionation scheme and were identified by interpretation of spectroscopic data. Batzelladines F, G, and H + I were active in the p56lck−CD4 dissociation assay at micromolar concentrations.