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Batzelladines F−I, Novel Alkaloids from the Sponge Batzella sp.:  Inducers of p56lck-CD4 Dissociation

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posted on 21.03.1997, 00:00 by Ashok D. Patil, Alan J. Freyer, Paul B. Taylor, Brad Carté,, Gary Zuber, Randall K. Johnson, D. John Faulkner
The sponge Batzella sp. from Jamaica contains four new alkaloids, batzelladines F−I (1-4), that induce the p56lck−CD4 dissociation. Batzelladines F−I were isolated using a bioassay-directed fractionation scheme and were identified by interpretation of spectroscopic data. Batzelladines F, G, and H + I were active in the p56lck−CD4 dissociation assay at micromolar concentrations.