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Base-Controlled Selective Conversion of Michael Adducts of Malonates with Enones in the Presence of Iodine

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posted on 2011-12-02, 00:00 authored by Chun-Bao Miao, Min Zhang, Zong-Yong Tian, Hai-Tao Xi, Xiao-Qiang Sun, Hai-Tao Yang
An efficient base-controlled selective conversion of the Michael adducts of malonates with enones in the presence of iodine is reported. Highly functionalized cyclopropane, oxetane, and α-hydroxylmalonate derivatives are obtained selectively using DBU, Na2CO3, and NaOAc as the base, respectively. O2 was identified to be crucial to the formation of oxetane and α-hydroxylmalonate derivatives.