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Base-Catalyzed Borylation/B–O Elimination of Propynols and B2pin2 Delivering Tetrasubstituted Alkenylboronates

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posted on 24.08.2018, 16:51 by Zhijie Kuang, Haohua Chen, Jianxiang Yan, Kai Yang, Yu Lan, Qiuling Song
An efficient approach to tetrasubstituted alkenylboronates via a cascade borylation/B–O elimination of propynols and B2pin2 was disclosed. A series of tetrasubstituted alkenylboronates were readily furnished with this strategy in good yields, with further transformations leading to tetrasubstituted alkenes and β-diketones demonstrating the synthetic potential of the alkenylboronates constructed by this strategy as versatile intermediates in organic synthesis.