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Ba5Zn4(BO3)6: A Nonlinear-Optical Material with Reinforced Interlayer Connections and Large Second-Harmonic-Generation Response

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posted on 2017-09-12, 12:53 authored by Meihong Duan, Mingjun Xia, Rukang Li
A nonlinear-optical crystal Ba5Zn4(BO3)6 (BZBO) is obtained that is constructed with [Zn4(BO3)4O6] units bridged by planar BO3 groups along the a axis based on the flexibility of the BO3 and ZnO4 groups. The distance between adjacent [Zn4(BO3)4O6] layers in BZBO is 5.07 Å, which is much shorter than those of KBe2BO3F2, Ba2Zn­(BO3)2, and Na2CsBe6B5O15. The smaller interlayer spacing and stronger bond between neighboring layers of BZBO contribute to a better growth habit than those of the other three. Also, with the cooperation of two kinds of nonlinear-optical active groups, BO3 and ZnO4, BZBO exhibits a large second-harmonic-generation response of about 2.6 times that of KDP.