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Asymmetric Michael Addition of Malonates to Enones Catalyzed by a Primary β-Amino Acid and Its Lithium Salt

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posted on 2011-10-21, 00:00 authored by Masanori Yoshida, Mao Narita, Shoji Hara
Highly enantioselective Michael addition of malonates to enones was achieved using a mixed catalyst consisting of a primary β-amino acid, O-TBDPS (S)-β-homoserine, and its lithium salt. Various cyclic and acyclic enones were converted into 1,5-ketoesters in high yields (up to 92%) with high enantioselectivity (up to 97% ee) under mild reaction conditions. Details of synthesis of the catalyst, optimization of the reaction conditions for the Michael addition reaction, and a plausible reaction mechanism are described.