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Aromatic Ring Substituted Aaptamine Analogues as Potential Cytotoxic Agents against Extranodal Natural Killer/T-Cell Lymphoma

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posted on 10.11.2020, 15:07 by Fan Yang, Yuan Gao, Yung-Ting Chang, Yike Zou, K. N. Houk, Jing-Rong Lu, Jing He, Wei-Zhuo Tang, Hong-Ze Liao, Hua Han, Hou-Wen Lin
A chemical modification study was conducted on the marine natural product aaptamine (1), isolated from the marine sponge Aaptos aaptos. Thirty new derivatives substituted by various aromatic rings at the 3- and 7-positions of aaptamine were prepared by bromination, followed by the Suzuki coupling reaction. Sixteen compounds displayed cytotoxicities to four cancer cell lines (IC50 < 10 μM). In particular, compound 5i demonstrated a significant antiproliferative effect on the extranodal natural killer/T-cell lymphoma (ENKT) cell line SNK-6 with an IC50 value of 0.6 μM. Additionally, compound 5i showed cytotoxicities to multiple lymphoma cell lines, including Ramos, Raji, WSU-DLCL2, and SU-DHL-4 cells.