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Aqueous-Phase Reactions on Hollow Silica-Encapsulated Semiconductor Nanoheterostructures

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posted on 30.05.2012, 00:00 by Jie Lian, Yang Xu, Ming Lin, Yinthai Chan
We introduce a facile and robust methodology for the aggregation-free aqueous-phase synthesis of hierarchically complex metal–semiconductor heterostructures. By encapsulating semiconductor nanostructures within a porous SiO2 shell with a hollow interior, we can isolate each individual particle while allowing it access to metal precursors for subsequent metal growth. We illustrate this by Pt deposition on CdSe-seeded CdS tetrapods, which we found to be facilitated via the surprising formation of a thin interfacial layer of PtS coated onto the original CdS surface. We took advantage of this unique architecture to perform cation exchange reactions with Ag+ and Pd2+, thus demonstrating the feasibility of achieving such transformations in complex metal–semiconductor nanoparticle systems.