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Aptamer-Based Paper Strip Sensor for Detecting Vibrio fischeri

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posted on 2018-03-19, 00:00 authored by Woo-Ri Shin, Simranjeet Singh Sekhon, Sung-Keun Rhee, Jung Ho Ko, Ji-Young Ahn, Jiho Min, Yang-Hoon Kim
Aptamer-based paper strip sensor for detecting Vibrio fischeri was developed. Our method was based on the aptamer sandwich assay between whole live cells, V. fischeri and DNA aptamer probes. Following 9 rounds of Cell-SELEX and one of the negative-SELEX, V. fischeri Cell Aptamer (VFCA)-02 and -03 were isolated, with the former showing approximately 10-fold greater avidity (in the subnanomolar range) for the target cells when arrayed on a surface. The colorimetric response of a paper sensor based on VFCA-02 was linear in the range of 4 × 101 to 4 × 105 CFU/mL of target cell by using scanning reader. The linear regression correlation coefficient (R2) was 0.9809. This system shows promise for use in aptamer-conjugated gold nanoparticle probes in paper strip format for in-field detection of marine bioindicating bacteria.