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Application of Stereoselective Ether Transfer to the Synthesis of Isotactic Polyethers

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posted on 18.06.2010, 00:00 by Kai Liu, Joseph W. Arico, Richard E. Taylor
An efficient, convergent synthetic strategy has been developed which enables the synthesis of a series of naturally occurring isotactic polymethoxy compounds. Ether transfer followed by a hydride workup enables simultaneous, diastereoselective production of two methoxy centers in a single step. High yields and diastereoselectivity are observed even in stereochemically rich, polyoxygenated systems. Direct generation of bis-methyl ether moieties from methoxymethyl ethers minimizes the need for typical protective group strategies and the use of expensive methyl transfer reagents. Moreover, the simultaneous generation of a terminal primary iodide serves as a coupling partner for the generation of higher order congeners.