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Antitumor Metallothiosemicarbazonates:  Structure and Antitumor Activity of Palladium Complex of Phenanthrenequinone Thiosemicarbazone

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posted on 2005-03-07, 00:00 authored by Subhash Padhye, Zahra Afrasiabi, Ekk Sinn, Jansina Fok, Kapil Mehta, Nigam Rath
The crystal structure of the potential antitumor metal compound, viz. chloro, mono(phenanthrenequinone thiosemicarbazonato) palladium(II) dimethyl formamide solvate, is reported. The central palladium(II) atom is in a square planar environment provided by the tridentate, monoanionic thiosemicarbazone ligand and the ancillary chloride ion. The compound exhibited remarkable activity against drug-sensitive and drug-resistant breast cancer cell lines and was relatively nontoxic toward the normal mammary epithelial cells. The drug-induced killing effect against breast cancer cell lines was predominantly mediated via apoptosis, a physiologic form of cell death.