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Antimicrobial d‑Peptide Hydrogels

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posted on 05.03.2021, 20:05 by Zhen Guo, Yujiao Wang, Tingyuan Tan, Yuwen Ji, Jun Hu, Yi Zhang
Biofilms are widely involved in human lives, such as in medical infection, environmental remediation, and industrial processes. However, the control of the biofilm has still been a challenge because of its strong drug resistance. Here, we designed and synthesized an amphipathic antimicrobial peptide (Ac-DKDHDHDQDKDLDVDFDFDADK-NH2 (KKd-11)) that was composed of d-amino acids (DAAs). KKd-11 was found to self-assemble into a hydrogel with an improved long-term antimicrobial ability and a better antiprotease activity as compared to the hydrogel formed by Ac-LKLHLHLQLKLLLVLFLFLALK-NH2 (KK-11). Our results indicated that KKd-11 was not only able to inhibit the formation of biofilms but also could effectively damage preformed mature biofilms and kill the bacteria within the biofilms. Besides, cell viability assays indicated that the KKd-11 peptide had very good biocompatibility. We think d-peptide hydrogels may have great potential in the treatment of biofilm-induced infections.