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Antigen/Adjuvant-Displaying Enveloped Viral Replica as a Self-Adjuvanting Anti-Breast-Cancer Vaccine Candidate

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posted on 2023-06-20, 15:04 authored by Keita Ito, Hiroto Furukawa, Hiroshi Inaba, Shino Ohshima, Yoshie Kametani, Masatoshi Maeki, Manabu Tokeshi, Xuhao Huang, Kazuya Kabayama, Yoshiyuki Manabe, Koichi Fukase, Kazunori Matsuura
We report a promising cancer vaccine candidate comprising antigen/adjuvant-displaying enveloped viral replica as a novel vaccine platform. The artificial viral capsid, which consists of a self-assembled β-annulus peptide conjugated with an HER2-derived antigenic CH401 peptide, was enveloped within a lipid bilayer containing the lipidic adjuvant α-GalCer. The use of an artificial viral capsid as a scaffold enabled precise control of its size to ∼100 nm, which is generally considered to be optimal for delivery to lymph nodes. The encapsulation of the anionically charged capsid by a cationic lipid bilayer dramatically improved its stability and converted its surface charge to cationic, enhancing its uptake by dendritic cells. The developed CH401/α-GalCer-displaying enveloped viral replica exhibited remarkable antibody-production activity. This study represents a pioneering example of precise vaccine design through bottom-up construction and opens new avenues for the development of effective vaccines.